Ghost Town (Single) General Rock Song
Tasty Feeling Dance Song

2010 Submissions

Left Land Dance Song
Changeling Dance Song
This Beautiful Existence Dance Song
KBC - Malfunction Dance Song
Scuffling Gilbert Dance Song
More Alive Than You Dance Song
Lobstar 4 Dance Song
Damn Fine Suit Dance Song
Czech Please Dance Song
Feel Free To Forget Miscellaneous Song
Dancing with Dial Up Dance Song
Dancing Corpse Loop Techno Loop
Commence The Rape Techno Song
Meet The Machines Techno Song

2008 Submissions

Eternal in Their Absence Miscellaneous Song
Once Removed Techno Song
Clockday Miscellaneous Song
Happy Flashback Loop Techno Loop
Distorted Conception Techno Song
Dry Infiltration Techno Song
Not Good Miscellaneous Song
Caught Being Invincible Techno Song
Dashing Lime Spirals Techno Song
Fork Knobs Techno Song
A Box of Nails Techno Song
I Want To Buy a Peggey General Rock Song